Our Mission

On Eagles Wings Ministries Supernatural Institute was created to help the Pastors, Leaders, and Ministers of local churches to equip the Body of Christ for service. Following the successful model of the Supernatural Institute, they will be able to teach, train, and mobilize men and women of all ages for a life of service to our Lord Jesus Christ in the church, their home and the secular workplace. The pastors, leaders, ministers will receive the help and support they need to teach the doctrine of the Word of God, with the revelation of the Spirit,

Supernatural Institute curriculum is equally effective in small and in large groups, and has a track record of success in many different countries. This program of study will cause every spiritual gift to be stirred up, and you will be activated in the supernatural power of God; at the same time, it will empower you to demonstrate and apply what you have learned at your local church, home, and secular workplace.