How Gates Get Opened


In this next section of this study we will focus on the ways that doors in our spirit are opened. We will study in depth the most common ways that gates are opened.

Closing Spiritual Gates

Now that we have an understanding of the importance of confession and repentance in the process of healing, the next step in is the process of closing our spiritual gates and reconciling our relationship with God. When we take responsibility and identify the sin(s) in our lives –which open the gates through which Satan influences us.

When we sin, we set in motion the irrevocable forces of spiritual laws and give the enemy the legal right to influence us. One of these is the spiritual law of sowing and reaping, of consequence and retribution. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap(Gal. 6:7). Remember sin is the cause of the iniquity. When we sow words and actions which into sin which produces iniquity; you reap darkness, torment, fear, guilt, shame, pain, illness, depression, irrational behavior, and feelings of worthlessness. With this law comes the certainty of blessings for the obedience and likewise, curses or punishment for disobedience.

Seeking repentance and forgiveness for sin is a lifelong process: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). Remember we are only accountable to God for the sins we know about; in His merciful nature, during our lifelong walk with Him, He only convicts us of our sins a few at a time. If He were to reveal all of our sins at once, we would be overwhelmed and feel defeated, we would not even begin to reconcile. Therefore, He reveals our sins to us in layers—as in our attempt to peel individual layers from an onion. The closer we grow to God, the more we see the sin of our lives.

To make things even more difficult, the father of sin—Satan—blinds us, preventing us from seeing our impurities, so we either don’t see them or we rationalize them as not being a true problem. While the sins of our actions (such as lying, fornicating, stealing, cursing, hating, drunkenness, not tithing or involvement with pornography) should be so obvious to us that we should not need the conviction of the Holy Spirit to realize we are in disobedience, the sins of attitude (such as pride, rebellion, unbelief, envy, selfishness, ambition, control, self-independence, self-sufficiency etc.) are much more subtle and more difficult for us to see. These sins are a part of who we are; they are a part of our spiritual inheritance, our personal “culture.”

We are in need of God’s help (through His grace) to see and heal them. God can seldom deal with “the sins of attitude” until we have dealt with “the sins of behavior” (listed hereinafter).

Exactly when we are forgiven of our sins is sometimes not clear. There is absolutely no question that our Lord Jesus Christ’s death upon the cross provided the ultimate sacrifice for the forgiveness of all sin.

But when does that forgiveness actually occur in our life?

Is it at the moment of baptism or at the receiving of the Holy Spirit (being “born again,” John 3:3-6), or is it readily available, as is His grace which is always available to us but for which we must ask, and meet the conditions of confession and repentance in order to receive?

 Many individuals die without having first asked Jesus into their heart; the same may be true of their neglect in asking for forgiveness of sin. Many do not ask for forgiveness, therefore, they have not received it (Jas. 4:2, “… ye have not, because ye ask not”). When we confess, repent and ask for forgiveness, God immediately forgives us. (I John 1:9)

If we are unrepentant when we are baptized, will our sins be forgiven just because we “got wet?” I think not. Likewise, are we forgiven at baptism of the sins we don’t know about and for which we have not asked for forgiveness? I think not. But for these sins, neither are we held accountable until the Lord makes them known to us.

Christ died to cover the sins of the believer, as well as the sins of the heathen—who knows nothing of Jesus or His grace. As I have mentioned previously, we must remember that forgiveness of sin and the consequences of past sins are two different things, and will need to be addressed through two different processes.

There are those who know and trust that they have been forgiven, but yet feelings of condemnation, shame, and guilt continue to afflict them. These repented sins have been covered by the blood of Jesus and remembered by Him, no more.We therefore must depend upon the Holy Spirit to help us identify those sins that are currently (for whatever reason) uncovered and of which we are blinded.

As I read through the spiritual sin checklist lists, be open to the conviction of the Holy Spirit with regard to those sins in your spirit which may be “uncovered,” those of which you may yet be blind. There may be other sins not listed which may come to mind, as well. Those sins which are identified “today” are those the Lord wishes for you to deal with “today.” Other sins may additionally be identified for which you do not feel a conviction. Remember “Line upon line” and “precept upon precept” is the way of the Lord.

 Spiritual Sin Checklist

As we go through the list of 72 behavioral sins, pray that the Lord will convict you of any sins of which you yet need to confess and repent. Use this opportunity to identify and mark (perhaps with the date) those unrepentant sins as the Lord reveals them to you.

As you go through the list allow the Holy Spirt time to address the sin. When I feel convicted of a sin, I have a tendency to feel sad or grieved in my spirit. If you be uncertain of the meaning of any of the following words, I suggest you stop the recording and look them up in the dictionary.

Behavioral sins are identified in the following scriptural references:

      • Ex. 20:1-17,
      • Mark 7:21-22,
      • Rom. 1:29-31,
      • 1 Cor. 6:9-10,
      • Gal.5:19-21,
      • Eph. 4:25-31 and 5:3-5,
      • 1 Pet. 4:3,
      • Phil 2:3.

Ask God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to reveal to you if there are any other sins not on this list that you may have forgotten yet need to address. These sins remain in your subconscious for your entire life until you deal with them. As long as they are there, your spiritual gates remain open and give gives Satan the legal right to continue to use them against you.

Be open to the ways in which God chooses to reveal things to you. He may reveal a picture of something that happened in the past that draws up feelings and/or thoughts that need to be addressed or the name of someone may come to you to spark another memory. If anything is unclear, just ask the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to enlighten your mind’s understanding.

On some occasions, however, there may be sins buried so deeply that you may need the assistance of an experienced intercessor to help in this process, in asking the Holy Spirit to identify them for you. Typically we are blind to our own baggage or “stuff;” without the Lord’s help and the help of another of His servants, we do not receive the healing we desperately need.

Let us pray,

Father, I ask for the grace necessary to confess my sins and the mercy necessary to receive my forgiveness and healing. I ask in Jesus name, amen.

Sins of Behavior (What we do)


Lord God, I confess and acknowledge and am guilty of…….

abortion                                                       evil concupiscence                                Lord’s name in vain

abuser of your body                                   evil thoughts                                           lover of money

abusers of themselves                              extortion                                                  lust

adulterers                                                     fearful                                                      lying

an evil eye                                                     filthy communications                         maliciousness

anger                                                             foolishness                                             malignity

backbiters                                                    fornicators                                               no graven images

bitterness                                                     gossip                                                       occult activity

blasphemy                                                    haters of God                                          other gods

boasters                                                        hatred                                                       pornography

clamor                                                           heresies                                                    reveling

covenant breakers                                       hypocrisy                                                  reviler

covetous                                                        idolaters                                                    sedition

debate                                                            idolatry                                                       slothful in finances

deceitful                                                         implacable                                                 strife

deceiving                                                       iniquity                                                         surfeiting

despiteful                                                      inordinate affection                                   thieves

disobedient to parents                               insecurity                                                      uncleanness

doubt/unbelief                                             inventors of evil things                               unforgiving

drunkenness                                                 jesting                                                            unmerciful

effeminate                                                     keep Sabbath holy                                       variance

emulation                                                       kill                                                                   whisperers

envy                                                                 lasciviousness                                              wickedness

without natural                                               affection                                                        witchcraft

not honoring father and mother

 Now let’s work on the Sins of Attitude (who we are)

prideful                                                             rebellious                                                      self-sufficient           

Independent                                                     seek to excel                                                slothful               

vain                                                                     controlling                                                    complacent

striving                                                               disbelieving                                                  self-righteous

…… as a sin in my life. I am sorry for my sin and I repent of it. I renounce this sin and give back the spiritual ground to my Lord Jesus. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

The process of confessing and repenting of the sins we’ve committed is the easiest step in the practice of closing open gates. Closing other gates may be more difficult. Although Jesus bore our sins, in some areas we have to appropriate the power of the cross in order to receive the desired freedom from sin (Acts 8:23 and 19:18, Eph. 4:28).


I would encourage you to make a list of sins which the Holy Spirit shows and find a trustworthy friend, or a pastor, and share your list—for the purpose of confession. There is no need to go into specific details but you do need to verbally confess these sins. Ask your friend or pastor to pray for you, that the Lord might forgive and heal you of all your sins; pray that your spiritual gates in each of these areas may be closed and healed. Then give praise to Jesus.

 Prayer for Healing from the Sin of Lying

Lord God, I come now to confess and acknowledge the sin of lying. Father, only you know the many times I have lied. I know that lying is the language of hell. I am sorry for my sin and I repent of it. I renounce all the lies I have spoken. Release all those to whom I have lied from believing the lies I have spoken. I revoke all assignments of the lies I have spoken. I take back the spiritual authority I gave the darkness when I lied, and I give it to Jesus. I commit to you that I will not lie again. In Jesus name AMEN.