Today we are going to tap into the Kingdom & Government of Heaven which will accelerate things in your spiritual walk…. Remember we are all on a journey… myself included. So I will need to lay a foundation in this session.

One of the biggest problems we encounter is that we have not been taught that we can live heaven on earth…….

Some have been told that we can have heaven on the earth or heaven can come onto the earth, but we have not been told that we can live in heaven while on the earth…..

The Kingdom is not about what you do…..but rather the Kingdom is about who you are….. it is about what you actually represent while you walk on the face of the earth…. what mandates are around your life…. and what is being revealed in the atmosphere and the condition which is known as the “Kingdom of the Earth”.

The Kingdom of the Earth was not established when God created the Heavens and the Earth….. but rather the domain of the Kingdom of the Earth was not formed until God separated Eve out of Adam…..

The kingdom is about a sphere of responsibility and an arena of government …… that is functional and has a realm of functionality within it…. a kingdom is depicted by having a king over it…. that is why they call it a “Kingdom”.

Do you remember in revelation 17:14 that it says……he is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings…… who are these Kings on the earth…..they are the one’s chosen and are called [elected] and loyal and faithful followers……

Sadly the Great Falling away found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is almost complete….. it says,

Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the apostasy comes first [unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come], and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition),

Remember the first Adam was given the earth and was told to subdue it….. and bring it under his government…. When the kingdom of earth was established , not the physical earth but rather the atmospheric domain that Adam has within the boundaries which was known as atmosphere of the earth.

What we now have is known as the “Kingdom of the Earth”….. that is in darkness….. and we call it the kingdom of darkness….. there  is no kingdom of darkness, this so called  kingdom is operating in corrupted light …… there is a huge difference……

I don’t know what your theology is, but if you have come to believe that Satan has make a Kingdom of Darkness……. You are deceived because Satan cannot make anything and uses what is there……..and can only form a process of what was already there at the start…..

Man has been made in the image of God and is a co-creator with God….. Satan uses our words to create things in this corrupted light thus causing deception.

From that point you find that the realm that Satan occupies is contained in the atmosphere of the earth……Satan was cast down  to the Earth and is known as “Prince of the air”.

The realm that is in darkness is as close to me as the air that we breathe….. when I turn to it, it becomes my supply….. the same applies to the realm of the Light of the Glory of God is as close to me as the air that I breathe …. when I turn to it, it also becomes my supply….

Three Kingdoms

Let’s talk about the three kingdoms

We have been taught that there is a first heaven, a second heaven, and a third heaven……. which is linear Greek thinking…… not Hebraic thinking…..

I also believed the same thing in times past…… until I learned that I could go into heaven while on earth…. and I didn’t have to pass through the first heaven, a second heaven, and a third heaven…….. I have looked for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heaven in the Bible….. I didn’t find it……

The reason it has been established as a foundation is because of  2 Corinthians 12,  when Paul said I was caught up to the 3rd heaven…..

Greek linear thinking is ….. oh, if there is a 3rd heaven….. you have to go through a 1st and 2nd heaven to get to the 3rd heaven……..

In Hebraic thinking, the number  3 (Gimal) has a picture of camel humps…..which means to be caught up into the supply of heaven….. supply means the provision that God has for you and I…. to go into the 3rd heaven means to enter into the full supply of the provision of heaven…… that full supply is as close to me as the air that I breathe…. when I turn into it….

I can enter into the supplies of the Names of God that hangs is the Kingdom realm of heaven and engage that supply and live in that supply……. which I can bring back into this earth and administrate it into the atmosphere that is around me….. we have been taught to pull it from heaven into the atmosphere….

I am not a kingdom bringer…. I am a Kingdom releaser that administrates by releasing it upon the Kingdom of the Earth.

The Ecclesial has been given an administrative process that God has given us to empower us to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven through our lives…… the kingdom is not about what you do, it is not about laying hands on people and prophesying over them…..

it is not about laying hands on people and having them get healed from sickness or the casting out of devils……. they are all gifts and sign and wonders, given to you to display the Kingdom of Heaven while on the earth……. the kingdom is about who you are.


There are 3 realms in which we can engage the presence of God in.

    • The Kingdom of the Earth the physical earth
    • The Kingdom of God which is within you
    • The Kingdom of Heaven which rest upon you for ministry

1. Kingdom of the Earth:

The Kingdom of the Earth is obtained by crossing over the natural boundary lines into the realm of his presence. Here is where  we ascend into the Courts of Heaven, present our case according to the finish work of Calvary, obtain a verdict and get papers so we can enforce the verdict in the Kingdom of the Earth.

This is where we reside. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus gives us an example of how to take dominion in the Kingdom of the earth.

I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven.

We have all heard this verse and have done exactly what He said to do. We have all bound and loosed things on the earth but for some reason nothing happens.

Here is why it doesn’t work, Satan is legalist and is bound to operate according the spiritual laws which have been established before time was.

There are two courts, the Courts of Heaven and the Courts of Hell. Satan will present his case to get the legal right to kill, steal and destroy.

In John 10:9-11, Jesus tells us what Satan desires to do to mankind, but Jesus tells how to overcome the thief…..

      9 I am the Door; anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live). He will come in and he will go out [freely], and will find pasture.

Jesus is the Door which leads into the presence of God’s Glory, and allows you to go in and out freely into the Presence of God’s Glory.

Listen to verse 9……..   

10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

The thief (Satan) comes to steal and kill and destroy by going into the courts and accuses the church thus gets the legal right because no one has challenged him in courts.

But that is changing today. Listen to what Jesus said in verse 11….

11 I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd risks and lays down His [own] life for the sheep.

Jesus paid the price for sin which is death, by laying down His own life and shedding His blood to establish a better covenant.

When the blood of Jesus testifies in the Courts of Heaven, the Just Judge releases the verdict of NOT GUILTY…… it going under the blood and it is erased from your book as if it never happen….. both in Heavens and hells books…. Glory to God!!!!!

2. Kingdom of God:

Is the domain of God that lives and exists inside of us, and it has the capacity to flow out of you as a river of living power to manifest the domain which sits inside of you.

To understand this dominion of God and the source of the river, you must understand where the river comes from…… the church has taught that your belly is the sit of where your spirit man is….

I have some bad news, your spirit does not sit in your belly…. your Spirit man is sitting all the way down your spine.

The first thing which is formed in a human being is the skull, then the spine…… all the organs are connected to the membrane of which no blood flows through…. inside that membrane is where your spirit man sits……inside your brain all the way down to the spinal column.

Let’s talk about the seat mentioned in Revelation 22:1-3…… the Bible mentions a river flowing from the throne of God  ……the throne and the seat is the Government of the power of Heaven……

When the Bible says there is a river flowing out of your belly… is saying that there is life flowing from the Governmental seat of the realm of dominion and power within you.

When you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirt you are endowed with power from on high….it begins to bring life from the Governmental seat in the realm of dominion. The Holy Spirit begins to teach you all things pertaining to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Also during this process the Seven Spirts of God begin to prepare you for Sonship… this is another teaching which is taught in depth called Supernatural Transformation.

there are some who are going to try and fit this into their theological belief system….so guess what….it will not fit.

The Kingdom that is within us is very important for use to engage with…. The Kingdom of God mandates and transfers you into the Kingdom of Heaven without having to go through any other boundaries, any other restrictions, any other control, any other information, any other power source whatsoever……. this realm transitions you into this reality automatically…… when you begin to engage it.

When you engage this realm from what is inside of you and release it out …. you  build a house……. once the house is built, the house escorts you into the realm of the Government of His presence…… known as the Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus said, my house shall be called a house of prayer (Mt. 21:13, Lk. 19:46) …….. so when you pray in tongues you are filling the atmosphere with a realm of a house around you that can contain the atmosphere of the river flowing out of you in the Kingdom of the earth, which will escort you into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Luke 17:21 says, …… the Kingdom of God is within you ….. there is realm of governments within you…… this is a realm of government that functions out the seat of government that is within you…. there is realm within in us that expresses the government of God into the earth around us…… to establish the domain of His power  so that His power, His Glory, His Kingdom can be seen and expressed into the physical world called the “Kingdom of the Earth”, …….. the kingdom is within you….

The Kingdom of God is the very life of God which is omnificent, omnipresent, omnipotent and has chosen to live inside of you.

This is something that you will have to meditate on day and night for the next 6 months of your life……if you don’t do it you will never get a revelation about who you really are and what you have inside of you…… remember the Kingdom is not about what you do…. it is about who you are…. once you get this revelation it will change the way you function…… you will come to realize that you are a host for a realm of government that God is choosing you to become an expression through and of Him in the earth.

3. Kingdom of Heaven

Luke 24:49 says , 

And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.

We have discussed the Kingdom of the Earth, the Kingdom of God within you….. Let’s start talking about the Kingdom of Heaven which is on the outside of you… there is a realm on the outside of you which God can express through and upon your life when it comes upon you…… it doesn’t come upon you because you think you are righteous….. righteousness is a gift given by God when you enter into His presence, he strips evidence of our fallen nature. Righteousness is only found when you enter the realm of his presence and you engage the atmosphere of his presence, and you stand before Him…..that is the only place where it is found.

There is a realm outside of us that will come down over you….. the only reason it will come down and over you is when it sees something that looks like itself…… God is looking for God…… when the Kingdom of God is manifesting around your life and you have built a house that can escort you into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven….. when you are in heaven that realm recognizes who you are on the earth and then heaven looks down and sees itself and steps into it because it acknowledges that this shadow looks like this shadow.

The only way we will be recognized as the Sons of God is when we carry the shadow of heaven …. put your hands on your head……

Let Us Pray…….. 

          Father right now I take dominion in Jesus name…over every deaf and dumb spirit, every religious controlling mind bending spirit that seeks to try and puts its fingers in our ears that tries to mix up our brain to mix up our understanding to the truth today… I break it, in the name of Jesus Christ….. I command it to be loosed in the name of Jesus……. You can take your hands off your head.